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Currently, this blog is mainly about technical notes and academic notes taken for the purpose of clarifying thoughts and a secondary storage of my memory. Due to time budget, most of the academic notes are not very clear. Technical notes are fine. It also has a few notes and repost about life.

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I have sought truth first, in the universal abstract world of mathematics, and the constructive concrete world of hacking. Meanwhile, I sought the salvation of humanities, and myself, in the world of philosophers who have sought in the time before me, and the stories weaved with love and tears in the history of mankind. In doing so, I hope to find the answer to the existence of life, and the answer to seemingly unbearable human suffering.

I found loneliness,
I found the solitary pain
that gnaws the heart,
But also peace I do find.

Sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most
Must mourn the deepest over the fatal truth.
Yet, the tree of Knowledge is also that of Life.

It reveals
Love as our Nature,
and Reason is our Blessing;
Ethereal can weave with Mundane,
and Peace
Lies in Making.

Now, Old yet still Young
I have known you.
And, knowing you,
I have found both ecstasy & peace;
I know the rest.

After so many solitary years,
I know what Life may be,
though I may still not know Love.

Now, if I could keep moving,
I see Possibilities.
I shall Sail,
As if I am still Young.
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This post notes down the observation that motives inverse transform sampling (ITS) to sample from any probability distributions.

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While reading the Wikipedia page of Edward O. Wilson, I re-discovered the Humanism Manifesto III.

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There are two aspects of education: the Liberal Arts education and the professional education. They combined could be called enlightenment.

The Liberal Arts education process consists of interaction between an imagined outcome based on a preliminary interests, and its temporary results, between piecemeal assignments and projects and feedback obtained, between questions arising of confusion and answers to address them. The ultimate outcome is a wake-up call that shocks one out of slumber that is self-deceitfully taken as free will, and makes one self-conscious, not only of oneself, but also of the society at large.

The professional education is the one that equips people with skills, at least to survive, but more importantly, to solve unknown problems (here is how professional education bridges to Liberal Arts education).

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Ever since civilization existed, humans had been longing for a Utopian society, where people are eternally happy, yet the happiness was a mirage that burst whenever a definition was attempted. The imagined society has been The Heaven, or Da Tong in classic age, and Laissez-Faire, or Welfare Society after Renaissance. Yet, after the thousands years of soul-crushing searching, in our contemporary society, or in post-modernity, the possibilities of imagining such a society seems to have ceased to exist, after the demolition of welfare society since Reagon’s presidency, and the collapse of Soviet Union, though in less developed areas, e.g., China, the people are still dreaming of the dream the Westerners dreamed in 18th century, or the dream even in more distance past, the God’s Heaven.

Oh, Lord, where shall I find my comfort?

The bust of Utopian dream, is not because of the failure of ideas; it is because the incomplete of ideas, and the failure of perceiving the complexity of implementation.

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古者富贵而名摩灭,不可胜记,唯俶傥非常之人称焉。盖西伯拘而演《周易》;仲尼厄而 作《春秋》;屈原放逐,乃赋《离骚》;左丘失明,厥有《国语》;孙子膑脚,《兵法》 修列;不韦迁蜀,世传《吕览》;韩非囚秦,《说难》、《孤愤》。《诗》三百篇,大氐 贤圣发愤之所为作也。此人皆意有所郁结,不得通其道,故述往事,思来者。 — 《报 任安书》 司马迁

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This post is about how to use chain rule to calculate back propagation through time.

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