Children of The Sun

Yet, this is not the end of the story. The progress in modern biology, complex system, nonlinear science has drawn another humanitarian epic narrative (Wilson, 1999), out of the Darwin jungle one — indeed we are stardust, but we are also children of the sun: “Human social existence, unlike animal sociality, is based on the genetic propensity to form long-term contracts that evolve by culture into moral precepts and law. They evolved over tens or hundreds of millennia because they conferred upon the genes prescribing their survival and the opportunity to be represented in future generations. We are not errant children who occasionally sin by disobeying instructions from outside our species. We are adults who have discovered which covenants are necessary for survival, and we have accepted the necessity of securing them by sacred oath.” --- Artificial Intelligence and Humanities in Measure, Manifold, Learning, and Optimization: A Theory Of Neural Networks

What Have I Lived For

I have sought truth first, in the universal abstract world of mathematics, and the constructive concrete world of hacking. Meanwhile, I sought the salvation of humanities, and myself, in the world of philosophers who have sought in the time before me, and the stories weaved with love and tears in the history of mankind. In doing so, I hope to find the answer to the existence of life, and the answer to seemingly unbearable human suffering.
I found loneliness,
I found the solitary pain
that gnaws the heart,
But also peace I do find.

Sorrow is knowledge; they who know the most
Must mourn the deepest over the fatal truth.
Yet, the tree of Knowledge is also that of Life.

It reveals
Love as our Nature,
and Reason is our Blessing;
Ethereal can weave with Mundane,
and Peace
Lies in Making.

Now, Old yet still Young
I have known you.
And, knowing you,
I have found both ecstasy & peace;
I know the rest.

After so many solitary years,
I know what Life may be,
though I may still not know Love.

Now, if I could keep moving,
I see Possibilities.
I shall Sail,
As if I am still Young.

What I Do

Intellectually, I do three things roughly right now.
  • build a theory of artificial neural networks (Panel *Research*)
  • build a coherent epistemological, ethic, moral, and political philosophy of information age that forges order in the chaotic fragmentation of postmodernism through integration of Science and classic philosophy, e.g, Confucianism.
  • make small bricks that prepare for a system that is capable of identifying unaware (for particular users of the system) high quality cultural intellectual artistic contents, e.g., books, articles, websites, journals, thus to democratize culture.